Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Let's Get to the Empowered YOU!

  • 2

    Losing Your Power

    • How do we Give Your Power Away

    • Envision you Dis-empowered Self

    • Ask Yourself....

    • Get Your Empowerment Journal Worksheet

  • 3

    Taking Your Power Back

    • How do we Take Back our Power and Step into Empowerment?

    • Envision Taking Your Power Back!

    • Be True to You

    • How can you Begin to Live more Mindfully?

  • 4

    Obstacles Stepping in the Way of Your Power

    • Identify Your Obstacles

    • Envision Yourself Overcoming Your Obstacles

    • It's all About Perception

    • Time to Put it Into Practice

  • 5

    You've Got This!

    • Reflect on Your Tools

    • Time to Meet Yourself

    • And Remember....

    • Stay Connected & Resources for You

This Course is for You If...

  • You want to live a more mindful life

  • You want to identify your obstacles

  • You want to know what empowerment means to YOU

  • Your want to discover ways and situations you give away your power

  • You want to uncover tools and power you already have within yourself

  • You want to learn steps you can take TODAY to begin to live from a place of empowerment

  • You want to live a truly authentic life

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